Boréal and Free Comic Day

It was an eventful weekend spent at Boréal, which was my first Montreal con. It was fun meeting and hanging out with Claude and authors like Jo Walton, Marie Bilodeau, Patrick Goddard, Glenn Grant,  Alison Sinclair and Caroline-Isabelle Caron. I also met some really cool people in fandom who’ve attended and organized many cons. The readings and panels went well. It was a small crowd but we sold a few copies of Masked Mosaic. I was trying not to buy any books, but I ended buying an anthology of Aurora prizewinning stories from Rene at Nanopress and an original comic from Michèle LaFramboise.

Of course, Mr Hub. was left at home to his own devices. I don’t think he missed me, haha. He spent his time programming and watching Django Unchained on VOD. Also, It was Free Comic Day on Sat and check out what he picked up:



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