When beauty becomes homogeneous


Been meaning to post about this for a while since this went viral on Reddit and the Daily Mail and Jezebel: the photos of the Miss Korea 2013 finalists that look uncannily similar.

Granted, they don’t look “identical”, and the similar makeup with very dark eyeliner and fake lashes doesn’t help, but you gotta admit that these women all seem to have the same big eyes, sharp pointy nose, slim faces and almond chins. Natural? I don’t think so. I’m Asian, and I’ve spent my whole life looking at Asian faces. There is a huge variety, a variety I don’t see represented in these pictures.

Yeah, Asians + plastic surgery is nothing new. People have been getting double eyelid and nose jobs for eons now. But I really think Reddit’s got it right–that the quest for perfect beauty is converging on the same face. How terribly sad!

I think it’s tragic that a young woman’s notion of beauty is to look like other people. I’m reminded of how Heidi Montag threw away a unique and lovely face for a monstrosity of a makeover that just made her look like someone off Real Housewives.

I don’t really begrudge people’s desire to have plastic surgery–hey, don’t let me get in the way of your quest to be beautiful. But they should really try to complement what’s unique and special about them, not just throw it away. But to do that is to first realize that these features aren’t “ugly”… and sadly, most women have been taught to be so self-critical they can’t see their own beauty.

To me, one of the most beautiful Korean actresses is Yoon Eun-Hye. She’s not much like the other actresses–she’s got fuller cheeks, eyebags and uneven teeth. The way I’m saying it sounds like I’m describing her flaws but they’re not flaws. They’re what makes her instantly recognizable anywhere and she lights up the screen. I can’t honestly say that I remember any other Korean actress or pop-star the way I remember her. She’s a huge star in Korea who regularly fronts magazines so I’m surely not alone here. Here’s to more breakout stars like her and the awesome Psy who can save the industry from the hivemind notion of beauty.


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