Handwritten Christmas Presents

Ever since Canada Post raised their shipping rates to Singapore last year by essentially removing regular parcel rates and replacing them with expedited parcels only, I have been forced to stop mailing Christmas presents to family and friends in Singapore.

In a way, it’s good I suppose, as it forces me to think more creatively about what to do for Christmas instead of buying a bunch of random items and bundling them off in a box. This year, I used a combination of eBay and Amazon to ship Christmas gifts directly to family. And for my BFFs, I decided to give them “handwritten” Christmas presents. You heard right! Well, I’m making them each a customized Feng Shui report for 2013 and an analysis of their home floorplan.

I’ve been into Feng Shui recently, given that we’ve had a turbulent year with the economy, and found that just doing simple things to boost the energy levels at home really helps. And we’ve had some happy upturns as a result.

So since I’ve spent all these hours studying Feng Shui tips and advice, why not spread the love right? It’s been enjoyable writing these reports so far, and I hope my friends will love them.


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