Cool Gifts For The iPhone/ iPad Lover Pt 2

So here’s the second part of my list of cool gifts for the iPhone/ iPad lover. By the way, I have bought three of the items on this list of eight for my Dad, a true gadget lover as the day is long (in particular, a lover of bargain gadgets). He doesn’t know what the third one is since it’s his Christmas present this year and is on a container ship somewhere in the South China Sea. If you’re reading this, Dad, it doesn’t count as a spoiler right?


5. It’s kind of hard to show off your hilarious cat videos when a bunch of people are crowding around your phone, which is why having the Pico projector handy would be super cool. You should know though that this technology is still pretty new so these projectors aren’t really up to cinematic standards. This one costs under $80 but the newer models are up to $400. I look forward to the day we can watch HD movies on one of these.

iphone fan

6. Okay this is just a rotating fan attachment that like those terrible door gifts you used to get when you go to corporate parties. But if you’re living through a Montreal summer, you might appreciate having one of these tucked in your bag when it’s sweltering.


7. While you were busy doing grown up stuff, did you know that the RC (remote controlled) world has evolved with the times? Gone are those clunky controllers and their lousy navigation. Instead, you use or your iPhone or iPad to fly this remote controlled helicopter with much smoother controls than before.


8. So this mini wireless router isn’t an iPhone accessory but I think it’s a travel essential if like me, you travel only with the iPad as your computer. You might think that hotels all offer wireless internet these days but that’s not the case.  Lots of hotels, especially older ones, only offer a LAN cable, which will only work for a regular laptop and not any of your smart devices. So this nifty device here connects with the LAN and broadcasts it as wifi as all devices get to use it. Smart, right?

And here’s the Amazon links if you’re interested:



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2 responses to “Cool Gifts For The iPhone/ iPad Lover Pt 2

  1. Thanks. I didn’t know that such a projector is available. Would indeed make a great Xmas gift! 🙂

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