New Myths Magazine Turns 5!

New Myths header image

I’m happy to announce that I’m now the social coordinator for New Myths, a quarterly free e-zine dedicated to speculative fiction, poetry, non-fiction and book reviews. It’s edited by Scott T. Barnes, who is a fellow Odfellow (graduate of the 2008 Odyssey Writing Workshop) and 2nd place winner of the “2011 Writers Of The Future” contest.

If you’re a spec fic short story writer, you’ll know that there’s precious few paying markets for the amateur writer trying to climb his or her way to pro status. New Myths is one of them (check their submissions page for details, but they pay $20 for poems and $40 for fiction and art), and I think it’s a cause well worth supporting, especially as Scott pays to keep the zine running out of his own pocket. I hope we can increase readership and keep this quality indie zine around.

So New Myths turns 5 this month! And to celebrate its 5th anniversary, the site’s got a snazzy makeover, so check out the brand new Issue 21! Remember, it’s totally free to read so do bookmark us and come back every 3 months for a new issue.


If you like the magazine, please like or follow us here:


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