Small Group Writing Session

My small group writing session with Katie has turned into a small group, now that Katie has invited her friend Nancy to write with us.  Nancy is a scriptwriter so she brings a different perspective to our fantastical musings. We’re getting systematic. While we were doing lots and lots of plotting before, we’ve now decided to following a program for writing a story.

  • Week 1: Brainstorming keywords for a theme
  • Week 2: Plotting
  • Week 3: Outlining (Or rather, we write the outline at home and bring them in to workshop)
  • Week 4: Drafting/Revising

We haven’t quite worked out what we’re doing in week 4, but the idea is to produce a story a month that will be complete and ready to be submitted to a market. We might have to make it “Step 4: Drafting” and “Step 5: Revising instead”.


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