2013 Rilakkuma Planner


Today I performed the annual ritual of buying myself a planner for 2013. I know, how archaic, right? Why does anybody need a pen and paper planner in the digital age when everyone has an iPhone and an iPad? Yep, I do. The iPhone is great for a ton of things– I use the weather, calculator and notes app almost all the time.

But I need to have a very pretty planner for the very basic reason that it makes me happy. Yup. I get a dopamine kick flipping through the colorful pages of a planner, especially when the month changes and I get to go on a new page.

2013 planner2

A friend and I were just talking the other day about how sometimes we need juvenile things to help us get through tedious tasks. It made me recall a teacher friend of mine who kept a small little notebook he used to motivate himself to mark. He gave himself a little gold star for every 10 scripts. He showed me the notebook and it was full of glittery gold stars. It was awesome.

So I got a 2013 Rilakkuma planner off eBay for the princely sum of $5. I don’t know which one it’ll be (that’s why it’s so cheap) but they have a theme of “Coffee & Chocolate” for next year. Now those are two things I really like, so I know I’ll be good 🙂



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2 responses to “2013 Rilakkuma Planner

  1. I LOVE Rilakkuma! 😀 :<

    • Hi Daniel! Yeah, I was pretty open to any kind of Korean/Japanese planner (I had a Korean Choo Choo Cat planner this year), but the Rilakkuma one was just priced too well.

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