Duotrope Goes Paid Only

Well, this is what many of us thought would happen, but hoped wouldn’t happen quite so soon. Duotrope, the awesome online directory for literary markets, is going  from free to paid service only. So what this means is starting 2013, you now have to pay $5 a month ot $50 a year for the privilege of using the following:

  • The search function that allows you to filter by genre, market, story-type, payment amount and other extremely useful categories
  • Up-to-date market listings with the editor information
  • Statistical reports on response times and acceptance rates for each market
  • The personal tracker that lets you log your own submissions

It’s really too bad as Duotrope is one of the best sites to search for a fiction market. But I’m not really writing and selling enough fiction as it is to warrant putting in the investment at this time. I’m guessing I’ll have to rely on alternative ways of finding new markets. Ralan‘s still free (hurray), and I do watch a few blogs that try to stay on top of things

But I do hope that authors who can afford it will subscribe to Duotrope and keep this excellent site running. If I ramp up the writing and actually have a boatload of stories to sell, I’ll definitely consider it too.


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