Kickstarting the Clockwork Phoenix

So the husband’s new hobby is to fund kickstarter projects. If I didn’t give him the nagging eye, he’d be investing in all kinds of wacky gadgets from the world’s most beautiful flashlight to nano-satellite space missions. But you know, as hobbies go, this is really feel-good stuff. You get to feel philanthropic and all early-adopter-cool, and just maybe, the prototype will actually get made and delivered into your hands.

So while I used to be all indulgently stand-offish, I’ve now backed my first Kickstarter project: The Clockwork Phoenix 4, by Mike and Anita Allen. Alright, it was a small amount, but I’ll be getting all the e-books of the previous 3 anthologies and the upcoming fourth one. When it comes to books and editors with great reputations, I have no worries about vaporware đŸ˜€ Anyway, I’m mostly motivated by wanting to read the anthologies. The stories sound amazing on the website. And when I’ve read them, I hope to submit to the 4th volume.

Seems to me that the whole world seems to agree, because the project’s not only garnered the humble $5,000 it was originally asking for, but it’s crossed the $10,000 mark, which means that Mike Allen can now launch a webzine for poetry and fiction for a year. This is supercool in an publishing environment where no one seems to know the way forward.


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