Fantasia Film Festival 2011– 14 Jul to 7 Aug

Montreal’s epic Fantasia International Film Festival has rolled into town (or should I say “flown” since its mascot is a pegasus?), and how cool is it to have a festival specifically devoted to speculative genre films– fantasy, horror and science-fiction? I think it’s awesome, and obviously everybody else does too because this festival is into its 15th year and going from strength to strength!

You can check out the film listings and venues at here at the website. Apparently, there are over 130 films to choose from. Gargantuan is the word.

Tonight was the first weekend screening at the Concordia Theatre Hall, and you could see the line winding around the block outside of the building. Some of those people were eating packed dinners. I guess they’re determined to get good seats!

They also have some tie-ups with retailers in the city, which is pretty cool. I don’t often see that kind of cross-promotion. It’s not like fantasy and science-fiction fans need an excuse to buy more DVDs, but discounts always help. Did you notice that martial arts movies are considered fantasy too? That’s pretty funny.

And since we are on the topic of fantasy, I was happily geeking out over “A Dance To Dragon”‘s takeover of Chapters. Well, I bought my copy on Kobo as part of my resolution to switch to ebooks and stop cluttering the house, but isn’t the physical book form still so pretty?


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