The web home of Lisa Poh-Knight

Hey, welcome to my little homestead on the World Wide Wilderness that is the Internet. I’m Lisa, I write freelance for a living (or try to), dream up fantastical stories, and try to maintain a healthy relationship with reality.

Come hang out for a little while over at my blog, or check out my fiction. If you’re interested in my freelance writing, I’ve got my resume and links to my samples here as well.

I speak English, Mandarin and most recently, French. Trying to be trilingual is no walk in the park. I constantly feel my grip of my languages slipping, so don’t be surprised to see me blogging in three languages for practice. Please correct me if you spot any errors!

About Lisa Poh-Knight

Lisa Poh-Knight is a writer, teacher and corporate communicator who grew up in the tiny tropical metropolis of Singapore, but now lives in Montreal, Canada, with her game designer husband. Together, they consume too much caffeine and own too many books, video games and manga for a small apartment.

A graduate of the 2009 Odyssey Writing Workshop, Lisa’s fiction can be found in Expanded Horizons and Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories. She is also the published author of two high school English textbooks, English Empowers 1 & 2, used by schools in Singapore.